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Corporate Training

Griffin Training offers fully customisable corporate training for staff and employees. Our wide range of training courses include customer service training, management courses, supervisor training, human resource courses, communication skills training, sales training, personal development programmes, anti-discrimination programmes, multi-cultural workforce courses and much more.

Corporate training is an essential part of every modern business: investing in one of your greatest assets. Regular training will equip your staff to meet new challenges effectively and ensure that their knowledge remains fresh and relevant.

High Quality

All our trainers are educated to at least master’s level, up to-date with the latest research. They have extensive experience in presenting, developing courses, seminars, one-on-one training, facilitation, and mediation.

Convenience and Flexibility

Our courses are fully customisable. We have a “no-minimum numbers” policy; you can choose content from across our full range of courses, and specify the date, time, place, and duration, at no additional cost.


With our unique business model, we are able to guarantee charges at least one third more cost-effective than our competitors. Our simple price structure allows you to easily plan all your training requirements. On top of this we offer group and charity/NPO discounts.

Customer Service Training Programmes

Our customer service training courses are designed to improve face-to-face, telephone and electronic customer service and promote a customer focused approach. We have basic customer service training courses, training for telephone support staff, communication skills training, dealing with irate customers, email customer service training, hotel, catering, retail and service industry customer care courses and training for non-national employees. No matter what the situation we have a customer service training option suited to your needs.

Management/Supervisor Training

We have a wide range of management and supervisor training courses and programmes designed to assist both managers and supervisors to manage a workforce more effectively. Our supervisor training programmes are suitable for all levels of supervisors, both newly appointed and experienced.


Sales Training

Sales training is an important part of every organisation. Our sales training programmes and courses are designed to improve staff’s ability to sell your organisation’s products and services. Whichever technique you use - telesales, cold calling, face to face sales or any other - we can help you improve your effectiveness.

Time Management Training

Employees who are able to manage their time are more likely to be productive and profitable. The ability to manage tasks effectively is key to the success of an organisation. Our Time Management Training programmes, courses and workshops focus on developing your workforce to improve productivity and profitability. It may be personal effectiveness training, time management, stress management or simply an assertiveness training seminar: whatever the case, we can design a programme specially for your organisation.

Stress Management Courses

In the modern workforce stress is an issue that requires serious attention. Stress costs companies billions not to mention the negative affect it has on employees and staff. We have developed a fantastic stress management training programme to assist employees to engage in stress management techniques during normal working activities. This course is well sought after and is highly recommended by our clients.

Human Resource Management Training

Griffin Training understands the importance of a strong and healthy workforce. That is why we designed our courses and programmes to practically improve the skills of your workforce. Our human resource training programmes include interviewing, selecting and retaining talent, stress management, and team building.

Multi-cultural Workforce Training

The modern workforce is changing, with a wider range of cultures than ever before. Our training is designed to assist modern organisations to respond to the challenges that brings. We have courses focused on managing a multi-cultural workforce, working within a multi-cultural workforce, customer service training for non-national employees, implementing policies, and understanding the organisation’s legal responsibilities.

Anti-discrimination Training

A productive and profitable organisation must provide a safe environment for its employees, free of sexual harassment, discrimination, violence and abuse. Our anti-discrimination programmes range from sexual harassment training, diversity awareness courses, and violence and abuse in the workforce. As with all our courses, they are fully customisable at no additional cost.

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