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Advance Communication Skills Training Course

Communicators rule the world. In today’s society it is not what you know but how you say it. The job, contract, or tender does not necessarily go to the most skilled candidate but always to the candidate who appears to be the most competent. Without effective communication all the knowledge one has falls by the wayside because knowledge is only valuable when it can be translated into practical application. High impact communication is achieved when one communicates in such a manner as to create a desired response from a recipient. This course is designed to assist participants to gain the skills necessary to communicate effectively. It is the perfect course for those who have already attended a communication course or who are in an environment where high impact communication is essential. The course will focus on advanced communication techniques including Neuron Linguistic Programming (NLP).


  • To Gain an In-Depth Understanding of the Complexities of Communication
  • To Investigate Ones Own Communicative Style
  • To Gain the Skills Necessary for High Impact Communication
  • To Gain the Skills necessary to Adapt Ones Communicative Style


  • Introduction to high impact communication
  • The complexities of communication
  • The structure of communication
  • Encoding information
  • Decoding information
  • Identifying coding barriers
  • Advanced verbal communication
  • Advanced non-verbal communication
  • Linear communication
  • Circular communication
  • Utilizing hot and cold mediums
  • Neuron Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Techniques to promote high impact communication
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