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Business Writing Skills Training Course

A corporate image relies on the image presented by all of the employees which an organisation employs. An employee who is unable to communicate professionally and effectively through written communication mediums will negatively impact the corporate image. This course is designed to assist all levels of employees to communicate professionally through written communication mediums. On completion of this course participants will be able to communicate in a professional manner using such mediums as business letters, notes, emails and memos.


  • To understand the role and importance correct business writing
  • To develop the skills necessary to utilise all forms of written medium professionally
  • To understand when and how to use formal business writing styles


  • The Modern World of Written Communication
  • The Importance of Writing in a Professional Way
  • The Structure of Professional Writing
  • The Style of Professional Writing
  • The Words We Use and What they Really Say
  • Choosing Words Carefully
  • Addressing Styles
  • Basic Professional Grammar
  • Professional and Corporate Communication
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