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Communication Skills for Customer Care Training Course

The core of good customer service/care is found in good interpersonal communications skills. This course focuses on developing participant’s communications skills with a view to better their ability to provide effective customer service/care. The course is very practical and on completion participants should understand the basics of communication, the barriers to good communication, how to positively influence clients and how to handle difficult/irate customers in a friendly and positive manner.


  • To understand the basics of communication
  • To gain the skills necessary for effective communication
  • To over come barriers to effective communication
  • To positively influence clients
  • To deal with difficult/irate customers effectively


  • Basics of Communication
  • Beyond Verbal Communication
  • Advanced Skills in Communication
  • How to Over Come Barriers to Effective Communication
  • The Keys to Positive Influence
  • The Irate Customer and Effective Communication
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