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Inter-cultural Communication Training Course

The modern workforce is made up of people from different backgrounds and cultures. As the world moves ever closer to becoming a global village, workplaces are becoming more and more diverse. These diverse cultures have a profound impact on the manner in which workforces communicate. This course is designed to assist participants to understand the impact culture has on communication and to give participants the skills necessary to communicate effectively in a diverse/multi-cultural workplace.


  • To gain an understanding of the impact culture has on communication
  • To gain an in-depth understanding of ones own culture and its impact
  • To gain the skills necessary to communicate effectively across cultural barriers


  • Introduction to Culture
  • Culture as a Basic Human Phenomenon
  • The Origins of Culture
  • The Influence Culture has on Communication
  • Cultural Concepts
  • Linear Cultures
  • Circular Cultures
  • Bridging the Cultural Divide
  • Strategies and Techniques for Inter-cultural Communication
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