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Business Etiquette for Customer Care

In today’s world knowledge and technical skill account for less than 15% of the success of any business transaction. What is key in the modern business environment is effective etiquette skills. Skills such as courtesy, manners, trust, integrity, communication and reliability portray a professional image that is vital for the development of any organisation and its transactions. Business etiquette is therefore a powerful tool used by an organisation’s employees to further the goals of the organisation. This course is designed to be of practical use to an organisation and its employees. It is the ideal course for any employee who wishes to get an introduction to business etiquette and to learn how to handle themselves around the office, colleagues and clients.


  • To gain an in-depth understanding of modern Irish business etiquette
  • To gain practical skills in business etiquette
  • To learn when and how to use business etiquette effectively


  • An Introduction to Etiquette and Business Etiquette
  • The Core Values of Business Etiquette
  • Business Protocol, Manners, Behaviour and Conduct
  • How to Use Business Etiquette Effectively
  • The Practical Implications of Business Etiquette
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