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Customer Service Training for Non-National Employees

Customers will judge a company’s competency within seconds of contacting a company. Therefore the face of a company needs to be professional, helpful and well mannered.

A company’s face is the first face a client sees or experiences when contacting a company. This may be in person or over the telephone. Often companies are not aware of the manner in which their non-national employees deal with customers. If a clients first impression of a company is not a positive experience they will be less inclined to deal with that company a second time.

It is therefore very important that any staff member who has a public role in a company be well versed with Irish standard manners, etiquette, behaviour and conduct. This is arguably one of the biggest draw back when employing immigrant workers. Often their cultural understanding of manners and customer service are worlds apart form an Irish understanding. Foreign staff often do not value a positive greeting, please and thank you, or a smile. Therefore, clients do not like to deal with such employees and their companies simply because they feel offended whenever they have to talk to their staff.

The solution is properly trained, well mannered and helpful staff. This can be achieved by sending staff on one of our Customer Service Training seminars. Since we understand different ideas of manners, respect and behaviour we can help foreign staff understand what is expected of them in an Irish setting.

All staff should be trained to deal with customer queries, to answer phones politely, to smile, and to act in a manner that will not disgrace their employers. 

Our Customer Service Training courses are designed for a company’s convenience. They can be a little as 2 hours long or up to a full-day depending on a company’s unique requirements and are very simple to book. We pride ourselves on our flexibility. In order to book staff on such a course all that is necessary is 24 hours notice from a company and we will either conduct a course on site or arrange for staff to attend a course on one of our premises.  


  • To improve the quality of service given by non-national employees
  • To prevent discrimination when dealing with staff, clients and management
  • To improve inter-cultural communication


  • Brief introduction to what Irish customers expect
  • Being polite in Ireland
  • Phone manners
  • Face to face contact
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Practical implications of customer service in Ireland
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