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Developing a Training Programme

Organisations who have identified their training needs and implemented training programmes make the most of their human capital by ensuring their staff have up to date knowledge and skills. In order to do this organisations need to asses their current as well as future needs, taking into account market trends and predictions. By understanding what skills will be necessary for tomorrow’s challenges organisations can ensure that their staff are always ready to meet the challenges they face. This will ensure the future of an organisation as well as its staff. The purpose of this course is to assist participants to identify current and future trends, to recognise the challenges the organisation and its staff are currently facing and are likely to face in the future, and to develop a training programme that meets these challenges effectively.


  • To identify and understand current and future trends in the market
  • To identify current and further challenges an organisation may face
  • To identify current and future training needs
  • To develop, assess and maintain a training system and programme


  • The Role and Effect of Training within an Organisation
  • Identifying and Understanding Current and Future Trends Within the Market
  • Identifying Current and Future Challenges
  • Identifying the Training Needs of an Organisation
  • Developing a Training System
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of a Training System
  • Maintaining the Training System
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