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How to Impact and Motivate Staff in 15 Minutes Training Course

Staff productivity is directly related to staff motivation. The more driven staff are, the more likely they are to succeed. Successful companies know this and do everything in their power to motivate their staff. While motivational seminars, targets, incentive packages and performance appraisals are all valuable tools to promote motivation often they require immense resources such as manpower, money and most importantly time. Successful managers know how to motivate and positively impact staff using the least amount of resources possible. Often a 15 minute talk or demonstration, if done correctly, can have a greater impact than an entire team building day. This course is aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver high impact talks and presentations that motivate and enthuse. Participants will be introduced to the basics of decision making, barriers to motivation, how to influence the will and desire, high impact communication, the keys to effective presentations and motivational techniques. On completion participants will be able to combine this knowledge into 15 minute high impact presentations.


  • To understand the basics of motivation
  • To understand the barriers to motivation
  • To acquire the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations
  • To gain an understanding of motivational techniques


  • The Positive Effect of Motivated Staff
  • Negative Motivational Influences
  • The Basics of Decision Making
  • Will and Desire as Drive
  • High Impact Communication
  • The Keys to Effective Presentation
  • Motivational Techniques and Strategies
  • 15 minutes to Change the World
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