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All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs

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Managing Change

Change is without a doubt the defining character of the modern corporate environment. As markets and clients change daily the manner in which we do business changes; technologies develop, laws are created or repealed, staff come and go. While change is a natural phenomena it brings with it uncertainty and this is one of the most difficult challenges workforces must face today. If the modern manager wants to be successful he/she must not only cope in a changing environment but thrive and this course is designed to allow them to do just that. The seminar will introduce participants to the nature and challenge of change, how change can best be predicted, prepared for and managed.


  • To understand the nature and challenge of change
  • To understand how to develop a means of predicting change
  • To gain the skills necessary to manage a changing environment


  • Better the Devil You Know than the Devil You Don’t-Why We Fear Change
  • The Nature of Change
  • The Challenges Change Brings
  • Quantifying and Measuring Change
  • Strategies to Manage Immediate Change
  • Evaluating Change Responses
  • The Means to Predict Change
  • Early Warnings
  • Implementing Strategies to Manage Future Changes
  • When Change Responses Fail
  • Final Defence-The Emergency Management of Change
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