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All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs

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Developing Good Rapport Training Course

Being on good terms and having a good rapport with ones co-workers is a vital aspect of any organisation. When co-workers and colleagues communicate effectively with each other the organisation’s goals are furthered and the company is more likely to succeed. Managers especially need to have a good rapport with staff. This will ensure that the manager/supervisor will always be kept up to-date and can make the best decisions possible. This course is aimed at developing the skills necessary to create and sustain good rapport between colleagues. The course will focus on the manner in which people interact, on effective communication skills, strategies and tools which can assist good rapport and how to mend poor interpersonal relationships.


  • To understand the nature and scope of good rapport
  • To understand what influences interpersonal contact
  • To develop the skills necessary to build good rapport
  • To develop the skills necessary to mend poor interpersonal relationships


  • The Nature and Scope of Business Interaction
  • The Manner and Means of Corporate Interpersonal Communication
  • The Characteristics of Good Rapport
  • Key Factors Influencing Good Rapport
  • Foundations for Good Rapport Development
  • Strategies and Tools to Develop Good Rapport
  • Little Thing, Big Impact
  • Mending Broken Relationships
  • Personal Rapport
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