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Please Note: All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Many of our clients select modules from different courses for their unique requirements. If a course does not match your requirements exactly please feel free to contact us and we will adjust the content at no additional cost.
All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs

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Motivating Your Employees Training Course

Highly motivated employees are successful employees. Employees who are driven toward a goal are focused on achieving their goal. Such employees spend the majority of their resources obtaining their desired goals and thereby represent value-for-money. Managers who motivate their employees improve job satisfaction, employee production and performance and ultimately secure the success of their organisation. There are a number of well established methods of motivating employees and this course is aimed at giving participants the knowledge and skills to use these methods. On completion participants will be able to understand the importance of motivated employees, the role the will and desire plays in motivation, motivation techniques and strategies, and how to promote overall motivation and group moral.


  • To understand the importance of motivated employees
  • To understand how and why de-motivation occurs
  • To understand motivation as a human phenomena
  • To gain the necessary knowledge and skills to promote motivation in the workplace


  • Motivation as a Human Phenomena
  • Motivation as the Basis of Action
  • The Means and Occurrence of De-motivation
  • Preventing De-motivating
  • The Will and Desire as Keys to Motivation
  • How the Will and Desire are Impacted
  • Strategies and Techniques to Promote Motivation
  • Creating a Motivated Workforce
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