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Please Note: All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Many of our clients select modules from different courses for their unique requirements. If a course does not match your requirements exactly please feel free to contact us and we will adjust the content at no additional cost.
All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs

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Team Dynamics Training Course

All teams are made up of individuals who are by their very nature unique. This has both a positive and negative impact on the team and its performance. While the unique attributes of the individual is the source of the teams strength they are also the source of conflict and weakness. Understanding the way teams interact and the unique roles played by the individuals within the team will assist the team leader to maximise on the teams strength while minimising the impact of its weakness. This course is designed to give participants knowledge and understanding of group dynamics with a view to use these dynamics to improve the effectiveness of the team. Participants will be introduced to the nature of teams, group interaction, the core roles individuals play within a team, essential characteristics and role players, and peripheral members. The course will focus on identifying the roles being played within the team and how to use these to the benefit of the team’s goals.


  • To understand the common nature of all teams
  • To gain the skills necessary to identify team strength and weakness
  • To gain the knowledge necessary to identify role players within the team
  • To gain the skills necessary to influence the team and its role players


  • The Team as a Living Organism
  • Common Characteristics of all Teams
  • The Nature of the Team
  • The Roles Being Played Within the Team
  • The Manner in Which Groups Interact
  • Common Reasons for Groups to Collapse
  • Identifying the Roles Being Played Within the Team
  • Identifying Core Role Players
  • Peripheral Role Players and Their Place
  • Moulding, Shaping and Positively Impacting Team Dynamics
  • Tools and Techniques to Deal with Difficult Members
  • Strategies to Promote Positive Team Interaction
  • Keeping a Team Focused
  • Team Leaders as the Core Peripheral Members
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