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An Introduction to Irish Culture Training Course

Non-nationals who enter Ireland often know very little about Irish history and culture. As a result they often struggle to understand the way things work and run in Ireland. They struggle to serve Irish customers, work in an Irish workforce and integrate properly into society. This struggle can have a negative affect on a workforce whose members are not Irish. Non-national employees will grapple with the problems of interacting with Irish staff, each other, managers, supervisors and clients. This can lead to drop in work satisfaction, customer services, productivity and ultimately profitability.

This cultural dilemma can be solved by giving non-national employees an introduction to Irish culture. By teaching them “Irishness” through basic history, concepts of respect and manners, work ethics and what is expected of staff in an Irish workforce they will be able to integrate more effectively and efficiently and thereby become assets to their employers.

This course is designed to highlight the key aspects of Irish culture that are applicable to business. Aspects such as concepts of respect, manners, professional etiquette and verbal and non-verbal communication are dealt with in-depth. As with all our courses practical examples and implications are brought up in the seminars and employees will have an opportunity to practice what they have learnt. We also offer a free follow up service on all our courses to ensure the best possible results.


  • To introduce non-nationals to Irish culture
  • To help facilitate the transition from a foreign culture to an Irish culture
  • To improve inter-personal communication between staff, management and clients
  • To asst non-nations to understand Irish concepts of respect and manners
  • Ultimately the course aims to improve the services provided by non-nationals


  • A short introduction to Irish history
  • Irish worldviews
  • Irish concepts of respect, success, value systems, and hierarchy
  • Irish forms of communication
  • Working within an Irish culture
  • Avoiding discrimination within an Irish workforce
  • Practical implications of Irish culture on non-nationals
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