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Managing a Multicultural Workforce Training Course

Words make up only 10% of the English language! The majority of communication in any language rests with the interpretation of words. This interpretation is clouded by ones culture, history, up brining and worldviews. This means that even though some cultures speak the same language they still struggle to communicate. Often managers have this same problem  

It is a known fact that Ireland is changing. With immigration increasing Irish society is beginning to change and so are its workforces. These new diverse workforces offer many advantages to Irish companies and the Irish labour market. Such advantages as access to uniquely skilled labour, abundant labour and labour at premium rates will be great assets to the Irish economy.

However, these diverse workforces also come with disadvantages. Whenever diverse cultures interact; miscommunication, tension and often conflict can arise. Managers who are not trained in intercultural relations often struggle to get the best out of their workforce. They can misunderstand cultural concepts, such as concepts of time, respect, and success. It is possible that they struggle to communicate with employees of different backgrounds and this can cause delays or even failure in projects, poor usage of resources and lower productivity.

When managers struggle to communicate with their workforces a company runs like an engine without oil. Employees become disgruntled, managers feel frustrated, resources are wasted, productivity suffers and ultimately profitability falls.

The answer is training. Managers need special skills to deal with multicultural workforces. They need to understand different cultures, grasp cultural worldviews and business related concepts. They need to know how to communicate using culturally effective means and above all they need practical strategies to manage diverse workforces.

Griffin Training has devised programs to equip managers with these skills. We offer unique training programs specifically aimed at individual companies. When a company undertakes one of our training seminars we individually asses each company taking into account the industry, goals and values of a company as well as the cultures with which the company tends to deal. These cultures may be those of the employees or of the organisation’s customer base.

After attending one of our seminars we are confident that managers will have the knowledge and skills to better manage multicultural workforces, improve productivity and profitability.


  • To identify the implications of different cultures in the workforce
  • To understand the complications in inter-cultural communication
  • To identify key aspects of different cultures
  • To avoid stereotyping
  • To put into place strategies to manage different cultures
  • To avoid discrimination


  • Clarifying culture
  • Practical implications of different cultures in the workplace
  • Cultural communicative strategies
  • Indirect and direct communication
  • Circular VS linear communication
  • Cultural worldviews
  • Cultural concepts of respect, hierarchy, decision making, success, time and communication
  • Strategies to get the most out of a multicultural workforce
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