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About Us

Griffin Training believes that on-going training should be an essential part of every modern business. One of the greatest assets a company has is its workforce and investing in it makes good business sense. Only by giving employees constant training and development can companies ensure that they have the best human resources available. Employees who engage in regular training are more likely to meet new challenges effectively and ensure that their knowledge remains fresh and relevant.

The problem is that current training programmes are expensive, difficult to organise, require companies to fulfil certain criteria (such as minimum numbers), are time consuming, often not directly applicable to an organisation’s needs, and of little practical use. As a result many organisations believe that organising such training programmes does not merit a company’s time and resources.

Griffin Training is different!

We focus on three areas:


While we have made many concessions regarding the restructuring of our organisation which have allowed us to be flexible in terms of the time, place and costs of our programmes, we have made no concessions regarding the quality. We have gone to great length to ensure the best possible standards have been maintained.
All our trainers are tertiary educated to at least a master’s level. They are experienced presenters and masters in their chosen fields. They have experience in developing training courses, presenting seminars, one-on-one training, facilitation, mediation and are up to-date with the latest research methods.
We design our courses using the best research techniques, the latest information available and industry feed back. We have taken great lengths to investigate the implications of our courses, and are in-line with both Irish as well as international training trends. We use practical examples in all our courses to ensure the best results and follow up on the implications of our courses with all our clients to ensure that we remain the best value-for-money.  

2. Convenience & Flexibility

  • No minimum numbers
  • No pre-determined dates or times
  • All course durations are flexible to a clients needs
  • Train on-site or at one of our facilities around the country

Our training programmes are convenient. We do not require a company to meet minimum numbers. We often run cost-effective training sessions for groups bellow 5 employees and will even engage in one-on-one training sessions at almost a third of the cost of our competitors. This means that small companies do not have to wait for courses to fill up before they receive their training.
We don’t have pre-determined dates or times which means your company can choose when it trains, no waiting necessary. In most cases as little as 48 hours is all it takes to arrange a course. This means that companies can train new staff before they begin work. Many of our clients train new staff as little as two hours before they officially begin their duties.
While most of our clients prefer training on-site we have developed a network of training facilities around the country which means we can offer training at a time and place that suits your needs. You decide: your premises or ours?
We have designed our programmes to be run according to a companies needs both in terms of knowledge/skills as well as within financial and time constraints. All of our courses can be taken over four different time frames: 2 hours, half-day, full-day or two-day courses. We can further adapt these time frames for quicker or longer sessions as a company requires. Some companies require just a 15/30 minute refresher course or motivational chat. How is this possible? Simple: by structuring shorter courses to include the most relevant information we are able to provide in-depth practical and effective training within two hours. While it makes common sense that a lengthier course will provide broader knowledge, in most cases a half-day or even a 2 hour training programme will be adequate.  

3. Cost effective

  • We guarantee to be more cost effective than our competitors - talk to us
  • Group offers
  • Reduced Fees For Voluntaty and Community Organisations

Training costs can be very high when supplied by some of our competitors. In many cases courses can cost thousands of euro per person. With no tangible results and no guarantee companies are often reluctant to invest in training unless absolutely necessary. Often companies will list training courses according to priority based on costs. This means that often courses such as: customer services, time management, personal appearance skills, language skills, or telephonic etiquette are pushed aside because they are expensive to purchase and seemingly have no quantifiable results.

By restructuring our organisation we are able to run courses at substantially lower costs than our competitors. We are confident that our courses will give you more value for your money than our competitors.