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Alternative Training Methods

Not everyone learns the same way and therefore it does not make sense to teach everyone the same way. Some learn through presentation, others through reading, some through interaction and others through doing. Here at Griffin Training we are always developing new training methods. While our standard method of training is dynamic, involving presentation, interaction and practical example, often a company requires more.

One of our most popular training techniques at present is supervision training. This entails one of our trainers supervising the work of the trainee. This is excellent for customer service training, supervisor training, receptionist skills and so on. By monitoring your staff in their ordinary duties we are best able to identify strengths and weakness and thereby work on their weaknesses. Being present for short periods gives us a fresh and objective perspective.

Another great advantage of this type of training is that often staff feel their managers/supervisors are not aware of their current situation, or are being bias in their opinions or being unfair. This can affect the relationship between staff and management and lead to poor production and ultimately poor profitability. Bringing in an external supervisor for a few hours or a few days can help staff gain proper perspective. Staff will realise that their supervisors are not biased, and that they are not as negative as they had once thought. Also since our trainers will only be present on a temporary basis they have a unique opportunity to correct issues which management might be struggling to correct due to the concerns of interpersonal relations.
This type of training, close temporary supervision, can be invaluable in correcting teams, strengthening relationships between management and staff, and ensuring proper practice.

If you want to find out more abut our alternative training methods please contact our office and speak to one of our trainers.