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Our Clients

We have clients from a wide range of industries. These include construction, hotel and catering, retail, service, manufacture and many others. Our clients come from the private sector, NGO’s, non-governmental organisations and government departments. These are just some of our clients:

“Very pleased with the results.”
                        -Fiona, deBros Marble

“Very interesting-kept my attention throughout.”
                        -Edwina, Newbridge Silver

“The day flew by! Learning with a lot of interesting topics to digest. Looking forward to dealing with my customers with a fresh approach.”
                        -Karen, Shred It

“It [the course] has met my expectations and the overall feeling about it is really positive.”
                        -Lukas, Filestores

“Made you understand the reasoning behind customer care and how to achieve it- very good overall.”
                        -Karen, Sheehy Donnelly Solicitors

"Energetic, positive, insightful, helpful, exciting and life changing."
                      -Dane, BaronStone

"It was great...thank you very much."
                      -Orla, Tom Philips and Associates

"...covered all areas in great detail, with a very interesting approach."
                      - Kevin, National Radio Cabs

"This was a well organised course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also feel that I will benefit greatly as a result."
                      - Sean, Fidelity Investment Management

"The course was interesting and provided me with tools to make both my work life and general life easier."
                      - Derek, Department of Communication, Energy & Natural Resources

"Very Interesting and also fun. "
                      - Nadine, Biotracer

"I really enjoyed the course."
                      - Barbara, An Post

"Very interesting course, trainer very good at presenting the course."
                      - Brian, Vodafone Ireland

"Excellent presentation."
                      - Claire, Eircom

"...made you think-opened our minds-now I really understand what diversity is all about."
                      - Susan, Capita

"The course was very good, I really enjoyed it."
                      - Siobhan, Bridgestone Ireland Ltd.

"Brilliant, learnt loads, presenter made everything very enjoyable and very funny."
                      - Carolyn, Honeywell

"Very constructive, I really felt like it made the [participants] more confident."
                      -Lisa, Arnotts Ltd.

"Very interesting course with relevant examples that we could relate back to the workplace. Course content managed to keep my interest levels up for the entire day, was very enjoyable. "
                      -Louise, FGS Partnership