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Customised Training

It is impossible for a company’s every training need to be met within a strict and rigid system. Often companies need training solutions which fall outside the norm or what is commonly called “mainstream training.” It is for this reason that we at Griffin Training allow our clients to shape their courses according to their needs. All our courses are completely customisable at no additional cost.


We have developed our course content to be flexible. This means clients may choose the course content that best suits their needs. A client may choose any course content displayed on our website and in so doing tailor a course to their needs. If you are unsure as to what course content would best suit your company’s need simply contact us and we will assist you to design a course. To see the range of content we have see our course content page.


Having employees away from work to receive training is not only expensive but inconvenient. We understand that companies want to minimise the length of time that an employee spends on a training programme while maximising the benefits. Therefore, we have designed our courses to be flexible. A client may choose the length of their course to suit their needs. We believe that an employee should not have to spend two days training to improve only one or two aspects of their work. For example; why spend two days training to improve telephone mannerism? Our clients often request to have specialised training covering only one or two areas of their employees’ activities and choose a two hour course instead of two days. This means that our courses are focused and therefore have a greater impact on staff behaviour.

Another advantage to choosing the course length is that it allows companies to train according to their budget. Often small to medium companies do not train staff simply because they do not have the finances. By allowing our clients to choose the length of their courses our clients are able to train according to their own budget and thereby gradually invest in their human capital.

Time and Place

All our courses are taken either on or off-site at a time that best suits our clients. This means that employees do not have to be away to train and the company can train at times that best suits it. Our courses can be taken before work begins, during work hours, in the evenings or on Saturdays. This minimises the disruption caused by training staff. This also means that our clients can best plan their training and do not have to sign up for courses months in advance. We only require a minimum of 48hours notice before training begins.

Solutions Training (Researched Courses)

We understand that every business is different and unique and it is for this reason that we introduced Solutions Training as one of our many services. If your company has a specific training need but is having trouble finding a suitable course within our existing portfolio we may yet be of assistance to you. We are able, within a very short time-span, to research and develop a training course for your specific needs.
We have assisted companies to train their staff through a wide range of non-standard courses. These courses range from janitorial/cleaning to kitchen hazard awareness, from using standard industrial machinery to appropriate office attire. Our trainers and researchers are experienced in researching and developing training solutions within short time-spans and in some cases have produced effective training programmes in as little as three days.

We can produce a customised course for you, in the shortest possible time and we won’t charge you the earth for it.

Please contact our offices to find out more how Solutions Training can help you.