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Personal Creativity and Innovation Training Course

The most successful organisation in the world are the most create and innovative. Creativity and innovation allows an organisation to meet the challenges of change and modern economic environments with innovative problem solving techniques. This is only obtainable through a creative and innovative workforce made up of creative and innovative staff. A successful company will promote creativity and innovation within its workforce in order to equip its staff with the skills necessary to meet the challenges they face. The aim of this seminar is to promote creativity and innovation so that participants gain the skills necessary to meet ordinary as well as extraordinary challenges. On completion of the course participants should understand the importance of creativity and innovation within the workplace. Participants should grasp the key aspects of innovation and gain the skills necessary to use creativity and innovation to meet the challenges they face.  


  • To understand the role of creativity and innovation within the workplace
  • To promote creativity and innovation
  • To gain the skills necessary to meet challenges with creative and innovative solutions


  • Defining Creativity and Innovation
  • The Role of Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
  • Barriers to Creativity
  • The Organisation as a Learning Organisation
  • How to Promote and Foster Creativity and Innovation
  • Meeting Modern Challenges with Creative and Innovative Solutions
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