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Personal Effectiveness Training Course

In today’s economic climate, employers and lifestyles expect more and more from their employees. These increasing demands put pressure on the individual to succeed. In this kind of environment it is paramount that needs of the organisation are met effectively. By taking part in our Personal Effectiveness Training, participants can learn to change the manner in which they deal with everyday pressures.


  • To gain the knowledge necessary to use personal resources effectively
  • To help improve efficiency and motivation
  • To develop stress management techniques
  • To develop prioritizing strategies
  • To develop the skills necessary to multi-task


  • Exploring Procrastination, Time Wasting and Bad Habits
  • Dealing with Interruptions Efficiently
  • Understanding Productivity
  • Prioritising Techniques
  • Time Management
  • Setting and Achieving Targets
  • Personal Motivation
  • Multi-Tasking
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