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Cold Calling/ Outbound Sales

Sales Training

The telephone is a powerful tool that can be used to great effect in the modern business environment. Cold calling is just one of the ways modern companies are using the telephone to improve sales. Companies who engage in cold calling take up to 85% of the new business in their market. While many are scared of cold calling and believe  that it takes a certain type of person, this is not the case. Cold calling needn’t be scary nor negative and anyone can do it. This is the perfect course for those who want to develop or improve their cold calling skills. On completion participants will gain the skills necessary to engage in the cold calling process effectively, overcoming their fears and implement a strategy to improve both prospects and sales.


  • To understand the basics of cold calling
  • To gain the skills necessary to overcome the fear of cold calling
  • To gain the skills necessary to implement an effective cold calling campaign
  • To learn how to effectively use cold calling techniques to boost business revenue.


  • Introduction to Cold Calling
  • Preparation Skills
  • Mastering Your Fear
  • Creating an Effective Cold Calling Frame of Mind
  • Building a Case, Prospecting
  • Effective Prospecting Tips
  • Pre-Calls
  • Diffusing and Preventing Initial Objectives
  • The Mechanics of Cold Calling
  • Making that Call
  • Getting Calls Returned
  • Getting Past First Base; The Gatekeeper
  • The Power to Hear
  • Gaining, Keeping and Giving Authority
  • Second Base: The Introduction
  • Developing and Mastering the Attention Statement
  • Third Base: Count the “No’s”
  • Dealing with Objections
  • Selling, The basis for all Sales
  • Home Run, Set that Appointment, Make that Sale
  • Practical Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Cold Calling
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